Thursday, April 10, 2014

Potter Withdrawals

I can vividly remember the moment that I finished reading the last Potter book and suddenly realized that there would be no more. Harry's adventures were over, and with them ended a huge stage of my life. I used many different coping strategies to get over this sudden loss, including repeated readings of the series, dressing up for movie showings, and even resorting to the reading of fanfiction at times. Anything I could do to keep the world of Harry Potter alive inside of me.
This semester I found the best way to bring Harry back. I joined a Harry Potter class. I thought that it would be a fun way to experience the world of magic one more time, but it became so much more to me. Not only did it involve yet another reading of the series (they told me to read one of the books, but who can stop at just one??) it allowed me to delve even farther into the story, and to look for real world applications in the realm of child development. This not only  gave me another chance to read the books, it allowed me to get even farther into the world. I was given to opportunity to learn more about the books and to GO TO ENGLAND. Yes. I got to experience Harry Potter in England. I walked through the doors into the Great Hall and spent a good portion of my day (and my money) exploring the world for myself.
Now suddenly I find myself back in my everyday life missing Harry even more than I did before. And now I also have the friends I made and the experiences we had together to miss as well. So yes. I can admit it. I am having Potter Withdrawals. But I can take the pangs of longing and the disappointment every time I say Lumos and a light doesn't turn on. Because it was all worth it.

Yes I miss Harry
But he taught me it's okay
To hold on to love

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  1. You and me both, Shaina. So glad you were on the trip (and in the class)!