Monday, April 7, 2014

A Week in the Life of a Tourist

One of my favorite parts of England was just walking and looking at all of the fantastic architecture. This was just a piece of GORGEOUS Cambridge. 

One of the colleges of Cambridge University! Couldn't resist so much beauty in one picture! 

 The Church of St. Mary the Virgin - one of Oxford's most iconic places, and SO beautiful!!! I also love trees in the spring and this was a fantastic purple flowering tree!!!

WOWZA. Oxford from the top of the Church of St. Mary. It was a lot of stairs, but definitely worth the  trek and four pounds to see the city from up top! 

Oxford's BEAUTIFUL library from a bird's eye view!


Getting some classy English afternoon tea at desserts at the oldest coffee 
shop in England! (or so they say...) 

SUCH a fan of Roald Dahl - one of my favorite parts of his museum was hearing about what the original drafts of his stories are like! 

 Not to mention I LOVED the chocolate doors - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is my childhood companion, second only to Harry Potter. 

OBSESSED with the set of Matilda - and the rest of it! Like Lionel, I have been shamelessly listening to the soundtrack constantly.  

I got a picture with my favorite elf! 

 In the GREAT HALL!!!

 Nothing beats the sound of awe from 24 Harry Potter freaks coming around the corner to see this :D

It may be an evil place, but I'm still FREAKING OUT to be at the door of the Chamber of Secrets!!!

PREACH, Rowling.

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  1. Bri, you picked some of my favorite things too. I also have been listening to the Matilda soundtrack nonstop. And so glad you all were affected by being in Cambridge and Oxford.