Monday, March 2, 2015

Drinking Our Way Through Jet-Lag...Tea, of Course!

What is evident about Oxford is that if you're not sipping the tea, you are not livin! After 9 grueling hours of travel, which included at least two planes, one bus, and some super power walking, the Harry Potter course's members have made it!
Here's an image of our first meal, together--this is taken at the "All Bar One" restaurant on Saturday evening:

On Sunday, March 1st, some of the group members opted to participate in a traditional Anglican church service at the beautiful Christ Church of Oxford:

Others decided to traverse the city in search of some fun ...and, well, they at least made it to some museums (turn down for what?!):

Ashmolean Museum:



A couple of our group members even bared the cold to see some awesome sights on top of Carfax Tower.

Yesterday, March 2, we all went on a tour of the beautifully, regal city of Oxford: 

Ultimately, we ended our day with nothing but good thoughts, good vibes, and good drinks...tea, of course. 

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