Monday, March 4, 2013

Today was wonderful! We took a private coach over to the WB Harry Potter Studios tour. The instant we stepped off the bus, and walked over to the start of the tour, our class changed from a group of mature 20-30 year olds into a pack of overly excited fourth graders. We were greeted by some familiar faces from the movies, and were all too eager to take pictures with them! On the tour, we were able to see more from the movies than we could ever imagine. It was filled with different costumes, sets, and props used throughout the magical series. We also were offered the chance to ride on broomsticks! Below are some pictures to show just how much fun we had! Cheers!

We've arrived!
Ministry of Magic Statue!
Great Hall!

had to brush up on my parseltongue to get into the CHAMBER OF SECRETS!
butterbeer stache.

Go Dores on Privet Dr!

casual stroll down DIAGON ALLEY!

Amazing model of HOGWARTS! this thing was absolutely incredible.

THE BURROW! "Its not much, but its home."
Potions anyone?
Look whose wand we found hidden amongst the rest!

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