Monday, March 4, 2013

The Magic of Harry Potter Remains

Jenna is quite right in her post, the Warner Brothers Studio for Harry Potter is quite amazing. We had a splendid day. I want to add a couple of photos (if only our readers could imagine how many pictures we took and will be sorting through!). The first is an acknowledgement to the fabulous Crystal Doochin and her staff who took care of the arrangements that were needed for this trip. Below, see four of the students posing in front of the Crystal Cave exhibit with thumbs up to show that Crystal is being appreciated throughout our trip.

We now know the "hams" of our group.....or are they just ready to cast a few spells??? And we also have video to prove that they got the moves down brilliantly!

Hogwarts Bridge was not referenced in either any of Rowling's books or in the original script. But we learned that on of the set creators came up with the idea and now the bridge is a splendid part of the Hogwarts campus.

Once again, we had a grand time as students of Hogwarts! Go Commodores!

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